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Learning Goal
- Students will be able to use composition to take photos from a different perspective
When talking about photography, composition is how we arrange items in the camera's frame. It can have a big impact on how original or creative our final image is. We will cover a number of composition techniques this semester, starting with different angles.

Try to look at a scenes from different angles or a different perspective. Move in close, move back, look up, look down, shoot from above, shoot from below, or shoot from the side. Each photo should tell a story, and finding different angle will tell a new story. Check out the links below for examples and more info.

Change your angles up and down and side to side. Move your feet!

The Challenge - Different Angles/Perspective 15 Pts

  • Take at least 20 new/original different angles pictures (shot both on school grounds and away from school)
  • Transfer the pictures to your computer or Google Drive
  • Choose your best three photos to edit and turn in
  • Use and turn in the Shooting Assignment Rubric to self evaluate your photos
  • When you are finished, meet with me to discuss your project and get feedback
  • Add one of your best shots to this collaborative page. Comment on one other person's picture.