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Learning Goal
- Students will understand how cameras work
- Students will understand main camera settings
- Students will understand what megapixels are and how many are needed
camera obscuracanonNikon


All cameras function on the same basic principles. Understanding how our camera works can make us better photographers.

How Cameras Work

Camera Obscura - This photographer talks about the earliest cameras in the beginning of the video (stop at 47 sec)
Visit a Camera Obscura (stop at 2:45)
How do digital cameras work? - This short video explains how digital cameras operate (stop at 3:02)

Camera Settings

Settings - This link shows and explains some of the main camera settings we need to know. We'll talk about numbers one, three, and eight.


Pixel - Definition of a pixel
Megapixel - One million pixels, used to measure resolution

You can work with a partner to complete this Megapixel Debate Research activity. 

After we've had our debate, we will watch this video (stop at 4:50) about how many pixels you really need. What about sensor size? We'll look at the analogy at the top of this page together.