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Learning Goal
- Students will understand what macro photography is
- Students will be able to make their own basic macro lens
- Students will be able to take creative macro shots
Macro photography lets us look at the world from a different perspective, close up. On 35mm film, macro shots would have a 1:1 ratio. This allows us to see detail we normally wouldn't. 

You can use the macro mode (flower) on your camera to get in close. However, to get the best results you may need a macro lens. In class we'll look at how to get a cheap lens that can be used on any cellular device.

When taking macro shots, keep the following tips in mind.

- Think about lighting and use it to your advantage
.. Getting in close might mean shadows from the camera or your body
- Stay with a medium (f11) to small aperture (f22), unless you are trying to control the depth of field 
- Make sure the camera is steady or stable
- Pre-focus to avoid shutter lag
- Use manual focus if you can

Check out these examples for some inspiration.

The Assignment

Get in close and take your own macro shots using this rubric.