Intro to Busn/Personal Finance Marketing

Learning Goal:

  • Students will understand the role of marketing
  • Students will be able to identify target markets
  • Students will understand the Four Ps of Marketing
In class, we'll cover the following sections from our book using the links and materials below.

We will use this collaborative page. We will be covering chunks from the following sections of your book:

The Assignment - Marketing Mix Visual & Commercial 25 pts (assessment)


Your team is in charge of marketing for an up and coming company. Find a product to market. It has to be a product, not a service. Create a visual (poster, infographic, presentation, etc.) that contains the marketing mix (product, price, place, promotion, specific target market) for your product. The visual needs to be informative, media rich, and professional (10 pts marketing mix, 5 pts visual & quality). You may work in groups of five.

As part of your product promotion, you need to create a commercial. The commercial needs to be at least 30 seconds and should include elements of your marketing mix. Add your video to this collaborative page and send me both your visual and video on Schoology. (10 pts)

*Points awarded/lost based on the Creative/Original Computer Assignment Rubric