In class we'll cover information and examples from this HTML page.

Assignment - Create a basic HTML page/site with at least 20 different tags. Send me your working page on Schoology.

Use the link below to write your HTML.

Codepen - Web based text editor


Look at these HTML5 tutorials (HTML5 Intro through HTML5 Form Attributes). Send me your working page on Schoology.

Assignment - Create a basic HTML5 page/site. There is no tag requirement; I want you to explore the differences in HTML5.


JavaScript adds interactivity to Web sites. We'll use the resources below to guide learning.

This semester we are limited on time, but JavaScript is an important language to have expossure to. We won't be completing a project in JavaScript; we'll learn thourgh play.

*Assignment - Use this CodeCombat link to gamify your JavaScript learning. Your challenge is to complete the Intro to Computer Science course (levels 1 - 19) and your grade will be based on your progress. Send me screenshots of your progress on Schoology.

Quick Start to JavaScript 

We will use the link below to learn how to complete specific programming concepts using JavaScript. You need to complete the Volume 1 course and the end assignment. You will send me screenshots of your progress and the end assignment. Use Codepen to practice and complete the assignment.

Codepen - Web based text editor

- Learn JavaScript in Y Min - One page tutorial & reference for JavaScript
- MDN - JavaScript documentation, reference, and guide

Assignment - Complete the two Introduction to JavaScript lessons on Codecademy. Send me a screenshot of these completed lessons on Schoology.

After you've completed the intro to JavaScript lessons, continue to unleash your JavaScript sorcery at Code Combat. Create an account and complete the Beginner Campaign.

Assignment - Beginner Campaign on Code Combat. Send me a screenshot of your completed levels on Schoology.

You should have a basic knowledge of JavaScript at this point. Use your skills to create a JavaScript robot that will crush your opponents dreams. Create an account and challenge classmates after you've built the perfect machine.

- Fork another person's robot for ideas

Assignment - Make sure you choose the option to allow your robot to be forked. Send me the link to your profile page so I can your robot's code.


JSFiddle - Online JavaScript editor

JavaScript Final Project
- Use JavaScript to add interactivity to a site, game, or app
- Can use existing code
.. Have to add to and customize code
.. Include code you used
- 25 lines of code min
- Include a description of how you used JavaScript as a comment
- Turn in all necessary files on Schoology (with other code if used)

*Points awarded/lost based on the Creative Computer Rubric