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Know Your Equipment

Learning Goals
- Students will be able to use a DSLR camera
- Students will understand basic DSLR features and options

Before we can learn about improving our video skills, we need to understand how to use our equipment. 

Videographers, musicians, carpenters, and many other professionals all have expert knowledge of their equipment. The cameras we have to use in class are Canon EOS 70D's. Many advanced cameras share similar features (Canon vs Nikon) and options. Use the resources below to learn the camera inside and out.

In class we will talk about expectations for the cameras, recommended equipment, basic use (lenses), charging, holding, and care.

DSLR Camera Construction - This page from Nikon explains how your camera functions
EOS 70D Product Page - Helpful info about this model
- Search "learning dslr functions"
- Search "my camera manual"

The Assignment

Knowing your camera is an important part of taking great video. Spend some time exploring your camera and learning the features and options. Create a visual to help teach us what you learned. The visual might be a presentation, infographic, or something else. It should be media rich and high quality. Make sure to include the following:
  • Three physical parts of the camera
  • Three display items or menu options 
  • Recommended video settings
  • Info on adapter & mic (general use)
You need to teach us about ten things in all. Take some experimental shots & video with the camera and include those in your visual. 

20 pts - 15 pts visual & 5 pts presentation

Settings to Check

We will use this presentation to look at some additional settings in class.