Will my current email address change?

No. Your email address will stay the same.

How can I quickly open links in a new tab?

Using most modern internet browsers (eg. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome) you have the ability to open many tabs at once, each holding their own own Web page. This allows you quick access to your various Web resources. Here are two ways to open links in a new tab:

1. Holding the Control Key (Ctrl) and clicking on the link
2. Right clicking on the link and selecting Open in New Tab

When I'm composing an email and start typing a name in the To field, many names come up. Are all staff and students included in this list?

Yes. When you start typing in a name, Gmail will try to pull up anyone with a ci.k12.mn.us email address. This includes all staff and students. This is a nice feature and time saver, BUT be careful to select the right contact. You wouldn't want to send confidential information to the wrong person.

Are the groups from Exchange available in Gmail?

Yes. If you start typing HS, that will pull up the high school groups. If you start typing CRES, that will pull up the CRES groups.

Does Gmail have spell check?

Yes. If you are using Google Chrome (recommended) spell check is built in and should spell check anything you type in the browser. Gmail also has spell check. When you are done typing your message, click the triangle in the bottom right corner of the compose window. There you should see an option to Check spelling. Left clicking on the incorrect words will offer suggestions.

Can I print my emails?

Yes. There is a small print icon right above the reply button.