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One email to rule them all ... 

Lost of storage - 25 GB of storage means you won't have to worry about deleting emails or saving them offline
Organization and Retrieval - Use labels and Google-powered search to find messages quickly and stay organized


Gmail Tour - Get familiar with Gmail's interface
- Access other Gmail features, labels, messages (conversation view, priority inbox, mail archive), settings, search (filters)

Getting Started:

- Adding labels vs moving messages
- Gmail Activity 1 - Add a Signature, Create Labels, and Create Filters

- Message tools and options
- Gmail Activity 2 - Send a Message With an Attachment

Creating Contact Groups/Mailing Lists - Create your own groups for PLC's, committees, classes, or teams

Outlook vs Gmail - Document that shows how to find and use comparable Microsoft Office features in Gmail

Importing Microsoft Outlook Data:
Google Apps Migration for Outlook - A tool that can be used to import old data

Tips & Tricks:

Drag and Drop Attachments (With Google Chrome)

Gmail Videos:

More Help:

Gmail Help Center - Gmail's help and support page
Google Apps Document and Support - Where I stole most of the above resources