Tools and Resources to Start Your Website

Which tool should I use?

Here are two articles that list platforms to build your own site. Below I will provide some specific resources for some of my favorites.

Wix is a free (paid premium) service that allows you to easily create flash based websites. 

Weebly is a free (paid premium) tool that lets you drag and drop your way to a professional looking site. If I moved away from Google Sites, this is what I'd use. Kathy Schrock mentioned in a Monday TIESsession that this is what she uses. Weebly provides great support with videos and step by step instructions.

Google Sites
Google Sites is my tool of choice. It's free, easy to use, and provides advanced tools that scale with your needs. Molly Schroeder is another TIES presenter who has gather some great resources. A few of her links are linked below. 

                                                                 More resources from Molly Schroeder


If you want your own custom domain name (, you'll need to look into hosting options. This article looks at five popular choices.