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Accounting Assignments

Assignments should be completed using CengageNowV2 Online Working Papers. Chapter reviews will be 20 points (weighted as Practice & Collaboration), chapter homework will be 50 points (weighted as Practice & Collaboration), mastery problems will be 80 points (weighted as Assessment), and chapter tests will be 100 points (weighted as assessment). Approximately 45% of your assessment grade will be from mastery problems and 55% will be from tests. Below is a list of assignments for each chapter. 


Chapter 1: Introduction to Accounting
  • Ch 1 Chapter Review
Chapter 2: Analyzing Transactions: The Accounting Equation
  • P 2-9A Effect of Transactions on Accounting Equation (shared Google Sheet)
  • Ch 2 Chapter Review
  • Chapter 02 Homework (Application)
    • P 2-9B Effect of Transactions on Accounting Equation
    • P 2-10B Income Statement
    • P 2-11B Statement of Owner's Equity
    • P 2-12B Balance Sheet
  • Ch 2 Mastery Problem (Assessment category)
Chapter 3: The Double-Entry Framework
      • Ch 3 Chapter Review
      • Chapter 3 Homework (Application)
        • P 3-13A T Accounts and Trial Balance
        • P 3-14A Net Income and Change in Owner's Equity
        • P 3-15A Financial Statements
      • Ch 3 Mastery Problem (Assessment category)
      Chapter 4: Journalizing and Posting Transactions
          • Ch 4 Chapter Review
          • Chapter 4 Homework (Application)
            • P 4-10A Journalizing and Posting Transactions
            • P 4-11A Correcting Errors
          • Ch 4 Mastery Problem (Assessment category)
          Chapter 5: Adjusting Entries and the Work Sheet
          • Ch 5-1 End-Of-Period Adjustments Presentations 15 pts
            • In groups, modify this presentation to include the following:
              • Add important content from the chapter
              • Add images to help visualize concepts
              • How can we practice?
            • Your group will explain one of the adjusting entries 
          • Chapter 05 Review
          • Chapter 5 Homework (Application)
            • P 5-14A Adjustments and Work Sheet Showing Net Income
            • P 5-15A Adjustments and Work Sheet Showing a Net Loss
            • P 5-16A Journalize and Post Adjusting Entries from the Work Sheet
          • Ch 5 Mastery Problem (Assessment category)
          Chapter 6: Financial Statements and the Closing Process
          • Chapter 06 Review
          • Chapter 6 Homework (Application)
            • P 6-7A Financial Statements
            • P 6-8A Closing Entries and Post-Closing Trial Balance
            • P 6-9A Statement of Owner's Equity
          • Ch 6 Mastery Problem (Assessment category)
          Comprehensive Problem 1: The Accounting Cycle Period 1 (Assessment category) 150 pts

          Chapter 8: Payroll Accounting: Employee Earnings and Deductions
          • Complete a Form W-4
          • Chapter 08 Review
          • Chapter 8 Homework (Application)
            • P 8-8A Gross Pay, Deductions, and Net Pay
            • P 8-9A Payroll Register and Payroll Journal Entry
            • P 8-10A Employee Earnings Record
          • Ch 8 Mastery Problem (Assessment category)
          Chapter 9: Payroll Accounting: Employer Taxes and Reports
          • Chapter 09 Review
          • Chapter 9 Homework (Application)
            • P 9-7A Calculating Payroll Taxes Expense and Preparing Journal Entry
            • P 9-8A Journalizing and Posting Payroll Entries
            • P 9-9A Workers' Compensation Insurance and Adjustment
          • Ch 9 Mastery Problem (Assessment category)
          Chapter 10: Accounting for Sales and Cash Receipts
          • CHANGE
          • Chapter 10 Review
          • Chapter 10 Homework (Application)
            • P 10-9A Sales Transactions
            • P 10-10A Cash Receipts Transactions
            • P 10-11A Sales and Cash Receipts Transactions
            • P 10-12A Schedule of Accounts Receivable
          Chapter 11: Accounting for Purchases and Cash Payments
          • CHANGE
          • Chapter 11 Review
          • Chapter 11 Homework (Application)
            • P 11-9A Purchases Transactions
            • P 11-10A Cash Payments Transactions
            • P 11-11A Purchases and Cash Payments Transactions
            • P 11-12A Schedule of Accounts Payable
          Chapter 12: Special Journals
          • CHANGE
          • Chapter 12 Review
          • Chapter 12 Homework (Application)
            • P 12-6A Sales Journal
            • P 12-7A Cash Receipts Journal
            • P 12-8A Sales Journal, Cash Receipts Journal, and General Journal
            • P 12-9A Purchases Journal
            • P 12-10A Purchases Journal, General Ledger, and Accounts Payable Ledger
            • P 12-11A Cash Payments Journal
            • P 12-12A Purchases Journal, Cash Payments Journal, and General Journal
          Chapter 14: Adjustments and the Work Sheet for a Merchandising Business (Independent Study Fall 2017)
          • Chapter 14 Review
          • Chapter 14 Adaptive Study Plan (20 pts weighted as Practice & Collaboration)
          • Chapter 14 Homework (Application)
            • P 14-9A Completion of a Work Sheet Showing a Net Income
            • P 14-10A Completion of a Work Sheet Showing a Net Loss
          • Ch 14 Mastery Problem (Assessment category)
          Chapter 15: Financial Statements and Year-End Accounting for a Merchandising Business (Independent Study Fall 2017)
          • CHANGE - No Mastery?
          • Chapter 15 Review
          • Chapter 15 Adaptive Study Plan (20 pts weighted as Practice & Collaboration)
          • Chapter 15 Homework (Application)
            • P 15-8A Income Statement, Statement of Owner's Equity, and Balance Sheet
            • P 15-9A Financial Ratios
            • P 15-10A Work Sheet, Adjusting, Closing, and Reversing Entries
          • Ch 15 Mastery Problem (Assessment category)