Learning Goal:

  • Students will understand what skills are important for managers
  • Students will understand the functional areas of management
In class, we'll cover the following sections from our book using the links and materials below.

ducks in a row
We will be using Socrative to answer questions throughout the lesson. Use the link to go to my room and enter BRAINERDA220. We will also use this collaborative page. We will be covering chunks from the following sections of your book:
  • Managers - Managerial Levels (top down, bottom up), Managerial Skills
    • Socrative #1-3
  • Planning - "If you fail to plan ... ", Mission/Vision statements, SWOT analysis
    • Find a company's mission statement and add it to the collaborative page
  • Organizing - Types of Organizational Structure & organizational charts
    • Socrative #4
  • Leading - Management Styles, Types of Leaders
    • We'll check out the video about Japan Airlines CEO
    • Socrative #5
  • Controlling - The process (continual) of control
    • Socrative #6

GooseChase Game/Competition 

We are going to try a device based game/competition activity in class using goosechase

  • You can leave class, but you must remain in the "A" building
    • If you abuse this privilege you will find yourself in trouble
  • Be respectful during the competition 
  • Be creative in completing missions 
  • Bogus submissions will be deleted
  • Be productive
Break into five (or less) even teams. Download the goosechase app and create an account. Each team can have up to five devices. Search for the game from this lesson listed below. Make sure to choose the right hour. One team member needs to create a team and then others will join using their code. Work as a team to complete missions to earn points and achieve world domination.

Spring 2018 Intro to Business/Personal Finance - Management