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Learning Goal
- Students will be able to take creative black and white photos
black and white photo
When shooting black and white (B&W) photographs, try to imagine the scene as B&W. Think about the tones, shapes, patterns, contrast and textures. You are only working with varying shades of gray. 

Check out these links for a number of good B&W examples. In class we will discuss the guidelines on the following sites.
SHOOT IN COLOR! Remember there are many ways to convert an image to B&W. In class we'll look at how to use the Silver Efex Pro filter in Photoshop Elements. There are also resources on converting images to B&W on the GIMP/Photoshop Elements page.

Social media has had a huge impact on how we share our photographs both personally and professionally. Both amateur and professional photographers will use social media to build their portfolio and market their creative work. You will add your final B&W edit to your Instagram account (or create one if needed) and share your work with an authentic audience.

The Assignment

Find and critique a B&W photo that inspires you. Upload your image and critique. Capture your own B&W photos using this rubric.