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Digital Photography 1

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Course Description: This course is designed to engage students in the lifelong hobby of photography. Students will learn to capture unique images through the use of photography concepts like composition, lighting, and exposure. Students will use a free and open source program called GIMP to edit images and create projects. Other multimedia software may be used as well.


When saving files in class always remember two things:
1. Give the file a good name
2. Tell the computer where to save the file

Make sure to keep your files organized. I recommend making a folder for each project and saving you files there.


Good note taking is a skill you will use throughout high school and college. Look at the examples on the Course Docs.


The writing frame can be used to create well composed written works. It gives you a structure that can be applied to school papers or standardized tests. Look at the example under the Course Docs.


- Picture taking/shooting assignments need to be in by the end of the day they are due
- Transfer pictures to your computer and place them in a folder for the project
- Create a contact print with 25 new or original pictures you took for the assignment
.. - Upload your pictures to a collage to create a contact print
.. - PicMonkey can be used to create a college and edit as well
- Choose your best photo to edit and turn in with your contact print


- iOS & Android (paid)- Camera Awesome
- Android (paid) - Camera Zoom FX
- Android (paid) - Camera FV-5


Weighted Caterories for this class will be as follows:
- 70% Assessment (projects, tests, quizzes, presentations, assignments)
- 30% Practice, Collaboration, & Participation ( assignments/homework, in-class work, partner/group work, soft skills, daily work, attendance)

- Standard Shooting Assignment
.. 15 pts for final edit quality
.. 10 pts quantity of pics

- On Your Own
.. 10 pts quality of your image


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