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Learning Goal
- Students will be able to capture letter art that can be used for a variety of projects
- Students will understand that photography is a fun lifelong hobby
Letter art involves capturing letters from around your world. These can be actual letters (eg. a sign), created letters (eg. using crayons or pencils), or letters found in nature/architecture. Here are links to a few examples. For more examples do a search for "alphabet photography" or "letter art".

In class, we'll look at this video on how to take your letter shots. After you've collected your letters, they can be used for a number of different projects.


- Crop in close to focus on just the letter
  .. You may have to edit and crop
- Hold your camera in portrait mode
- Stick with the same 'style'
- Convert to B&W

The Assignment

Use this rubric to shoot your own photo alphabet.