Intro to Busn/Personal Finance Entrepreneurship

Learning Goal:

  • Students will understand the importance of small businesses in our economy
  • Students will understand what an entrepreneur is, their traits, and reasons to become an entrepreneur
  • Students will understand the pros and cons of small business ownership
In class, we'll cover the following sections from our book using the links and materials below.

lemonade stand

We will be using Socrative to answer questions throughout the lesson. Use the link to go to my room and enter BRAINERDA220. We will be covering chunks from the following sections of your book:

SPRING 2018: Work with one other person. Find the answers to the questions/statements below and add them to a Google Doc. 
Entrepreneurs are innovative. They are able to come up with new ideas and solve problems creatively. Complete the challenge on this collaborative page.

SPRING 2018: Work with your partner. Use 3 sheets of paper (or less), tape, scissors, and a writing utensil to create the next fidget to sweep across schools. Include a name for your fidget and very brief descriptions or instructions. Add an image of your fidget to the document you created above and send it to me on Schoology. 

Add an image of your fidget to this collaborative page. Include a name and very brief descriptions or instructions. Another class will vote on one winner, who will receive a reward. Make sure to include all group members names.