Super Bowl

super bowl
Does the Super Bowl have an economic impact on the hosting city? What if the city needs to build a new stadium to get the event? Work with another person, do some research and answer the question below. Include a link to the article/s you used.

What is the value of hosting a Super Bowl event in Minnesota? Discuss the pros and cons relating to costs, revenue, and the overall impact of bringing this event to our state.

Add your findings to this collaborative page. We'll discuss this together as a group. 

We'll look at this article on how local businesses can cash in on the Super Bowl together. 

Let's be honest, people watch the Super Bowl as much for the commercials as they do for the game. We'll look at this article that breaks down some of the most popular commercials in 2018 and their cost. The article references the marketing term Gross Impression, which is, "the number of times per ad, game, or show that a product or service is associated with an athlete, team, or entertainer." We'll talk more about this later on. 

It is a few years old, but test your knowledge with the Super Bowl trivia document linked below. 

The Assignment

Use this link to evaluate commercials from this year.