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Spreadsheet Software

Learning Goal:

  • Students will be able to use Microsoft Excel to create a variety of business documents
  • Students will be able to use advanced features in Google Sheets

excel logo
Microsoft Excel has been the industry standard spreadsheet tool for decades. Some might argue that Excel (or some other spreadsheet software) is the most widely used tool in business. Many organizations will expect that you know how to use Excel as an entry level skill. 

We will be using the following site as a resource for learning basic features in Word. 

The Assignment

Use the GFCLearnFree site linked above to learn about basic Excel's tools and options. Using the screenshot below, you need to demonstrate skills by completing the challenge at the end of the highlighted lessons. Label or indicate which skills you are covering. These could be included in one document or multiple documents. Send the documents demonstrating what you learned on Schoology.

gcf excel lessons

Excel or any spreadsheet software has practical applications outside of the traditional data tracking and analyzing. In class, we will look at how to use Excel to create simple blueprints. We'll look at setting a custom cell size (10 to 20 pixels) and talk about cell borders. 

Here is an example blueprint.

The Assignment

Use Excel to create a blueprint or floor plan for your dream house. Make sure to label your plan.

Google Sheets Project Planner

It is common for businesses (as a whole or a team) to have many projects going on at one time. Google Sheets can be used to keep track of projects and responsibilities. 

The Assignment

Your restaurant is new, but business is booming. You are planning to expand your building to accommodate more customers. Use Google Sheets to create a project planner for the business expansion. This document would be shared with other teams members from your business. 

We will look at this example in class (your's should look similar).

This link will be your main instruction guide for completing this project. You should complete steps 1.1 - 1.4, 2.4, & 2.5 from the link. The other steps are optional. You may work with up to two other people. One person needs to have ten tasks, groups of two need fifteen tasks, and groups of three need twenty tasks. This link will be helpful for inserting a data picker. 

*Points will be awarded/lost based on the Creative/Original Computer Rubric - 25 Pts.

After completing the assignment, use the rubric to self-assess your work. Meet with me to discuss your score.

Google Sheets &  Importing Data

We will look at how to pull data into a Google sheet from various sources around the web. This would be helpful if you created a spreadsheet that relied on data that needed to be frequently updated (eg. interest rates).

We'll also talk about creating basic charts and their ability to bring data to life.

The Assignment

In class, we will practice pulling in a data table and adding a chart (with customizations). You will find and pull in your own data set and add a custom chart to the same spreadsheet. Send this to me on Schoology.