Know Yourself

Learning Goal:

  • Students will be able to identify interests, abilities, values, skills, and traits that align with career fields 

During the course, we will watch some videos from the One Week Job Project. The above video is an overview of the project. We will watch this video which introduces Sean Aiken and describes his experience. The more you know about yourself, the better you are able to make wise career choices. We will use this page about getting to know yourself as a guide to our own self-discovery and check out the video above (through 4 min). The sections below will guide you through self-exploration.

As we talk about careers, be open to thinking about new opportunities or options. 


What are values? Why are they important. We will check out this video about developing personal values or core values during class.

Extrinsic vs Intrinsic
We'll use this image to talk about the difference between extrinsic and intrinsic values and some examples.

We'll check out some different types of values with this link.

What things do you value? 

The Challenge - Values Survey

Complete the following values survey. After completing the survey use the top five work values you discovered to create a presentation. Make sure to include the value (summarize) and an image to represent that value. Take a screenshot of your completed survey and include it in the presentation. Use this rubric to self-assess your work and discuss it with me when completed. Add your presentation to Google Classroom.

Values Survey (Create an account to save results) ADD EXAMPLE

Work Importance Locator

The Challenge - MCIS Work Importance Locator 10 pts

Complete the Work Importance Locator assessment on the MCIS website (look at the GIF below). Create a Google document that includes the workplace values it identified as being important to you. Explore one of the careers that matched the values from the assessment. Include a paragraph about the career you choose. Also, write a paragraph reflecting (thoughts, feelings, reactions) on the values that were identified and your interest in the career option you choose. 
MCIS Work Importance Locator GIF

Use this rubric to self-assess your work and discuss it with me when completed. Send it to me on Google Classroom.

Your MCIS username should be grad year plus firstname.lastname. Your password should be your skyward password plus BHS. If it is not, I can change it. 



Before we dive into interests, we will watch this video about why it's important to know yourself. 

Your interests are the things you enjoy doing with your free time or your passions, like running for example. You will be happier with a career that is aligned with the things you enjoy doing. 

We will complete the Interests Exercise from this link (Create an account to save results). You will need to create an account to save the assessment. After you have finished the exercise, share your results with the class using this collaborative page.  First, add your top interests and a reflection (thoughts, feelings, agree, disagree, etc.) to the page. Next, find someone that has similar interests to you. Finally, work with the person (or people) to explore a career that would match those interests. Add what you found to the collaborative page. Be ready to share. 

MCIS IDEAS & Interest Profiler

Log into your account on the MCIS website. There are two assessments that involve interests. Complete the IDEAS (example results) and Interests Profiler (example results) assessments. Take your time and don't just click through to get them done. 

The Challenge - Interest DIY Thinglink 15 pts

Thinglink is a tool that lets you make an image interactive. We are going to create a DIY Thinglink using Google Drawing. Here are two videos you can use for help/reference. In class, we will look at how to:
  • Add an image as your background (even if it spill off the canvas)
  • Add special characters (remove underline) and shapes (color & borders) that you can use as anchor points to link to
  • How to link to your anchor points (I would use Bing for images, copyright-free)
  • Create a textbox with a transparent background color
  • Reminder on how to get a shareable link where anyone with the link can view
  • Here is a basic example 
CHANGE SIMPLIFY LESS INTERESTS, TOP THREE?? Choose your top five interests or interest categories from either of the above assessments (maybe exploring). Create a DIY Thinglink about the top five interests/categories you selected. Your DIY Thinglink should include the following items:
  • A background image that ties everything together 1 pt
  • A linked image that represents each of the interests/categories you chose (five links in all) 5 pts
  • A text box that explains what interests/categories you choose and why 3 pts
  • Links to info about two career options that match up with the interests/categories you chose (two links in all) 2 pts
    • Linking to the MCIS site won't work
  • A text box with a reflection about the interests/categories or careers 4 pts
  • You should have at least seven links and two text boxes when you are done
Add your DIY Thinglink to this collaborative page as a shareable link and comment on at least one other person's project (constructive feedback). Send me your DIY Thinglink on Google Classroom. 

Skills & Abilities


We all have different skills and abilities. Some people are creative and good at design. Some people are logical and good at figuring out puzzles. Certain skills/abilities will make us a better fit for certain careers over others. Maybe you are a good listener and would be successful as a counselor. Maybe you have good communication skills and would do well in a career that involves writing.

Use the CareerInsite (Create an account to save results) website to complete the Abilities Exercise (under Know Yourself). Use the MCIS website to complete the Select Skills assessment (Assessments --> SKILLS). 

The Challenge - Skills & Abilities Mind Map 15 pts

Once you have completed both assessments, use Coggle to create a mind map that shows your skills and abilities. Include at least ten skills or abilities that you identified. Also, include at least five careers and show how they match up with your skills/abilities. Make sure to include images or media in your mind map. Meet with me to get feedback and credit in class when you finish. Export your mind map from Coggle and send it to me on Google Classroom.

Here is a good example


Personality tests are everywhere in our digital world. Some tests are wierd but others provide valuable insight into who you really are. For example, if you find you have a social personality, choosing to become a mortician would probably be a bad career choice. 

2. Based on the results, learn more about your personality type using this 16 Personalities site.

3. Install the Google Chrome extension Awesome Screenshot (we'll look at other options too)

Take a screenshot of your personality type character from the 16 personalities site (capture selected area). Add the image to this collaborative page. With your screenshot, include information about your type of personality (a short description). Also, reflect (thoughts/reactions) on what you learned and how accurate that personality type is. 

Find someone that has the same (or similar) personality. Together, research two career options that match up with your personalities. Add the career info (with images) to the collaborative page. This is a good site to find careers based on your personality. 

Who Are You?


Hopefully, you have a better understanding of yourself after completing these self-assessments. Now it's time to combine everything together.

We'll look at this page on infographics and C.R.A.P. design together in class. 

The Challenge - Who Are You Word Art & Poster/Infographic 40 pts

Values - MCIS Work Importance Locator or CareerInsite Work Values
Interests - CareerInsite Interests Exercise or MCIS IDEAS and Interests Profiler
Skills & Abilities - CareerInsite Abilities Exercise or MCIS Select Skills
Personality - 16 Personalities or Truity

typography art guitar
Part one (10 pts)
is to create a word cloud using Word It Out or word art using WordArt. Include results from your values, interests, skills & abilities, and personality to create your word creation. Shoot to have at least five to six words per category. Send me your word creation on Google Classroom and print. Label your printed word cloud with a career option you researched that best matches the entire word creation. We will tape and combine all the word clouds together. 

Complete part one first, then we'll look at part two.

Part two (30 pts) is to create a poster or infographic (using the tools from the link above or Google Drawing too) that gives a detailed description of yourself. It will include results from your values, interests, skills & abilities, and personality assessments. It should also include reflection on what you've learned and who you are and best career options. Add your finished poster/infographic to this collaborative page and send it to me on Google Classroom. Use this rubric to self-assess your project. Send your completed rubric with your project.