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Learning Goal
- Students will be able to create engaging stop motion videos
- Students will understand that photography is a fun lifelong hobby

If you've ever made a flipbook with a pad of Post-it notes, then you understand the concept of a stop motion video. Basically you take a picture, move your subject slightly, take another picture, move your subject slightly and so on. As with many of the projects we do this semester, I hope this shows you how photography can be a fun lifelong hobby.

There are some things you will want to consider before shooting. You also need to plan ahead. Before cartoons, shows, and movies, it is common for creators to use a storyboard. Before you can start shooting you need to create and discuss with me your storyboard. 


Attached to the bottom of the page is a storyboard template that will give you ideas. Think about who will be doing what, where will it be shot, and what will you need (eg. music, props). 

By joshmsart, deviantart

There are a number of different techniques you can include in your videos. In class we will talk about and look at examples of how you can make people fly (shutter speed), move objects, and disappear.

If you can imagine it, you can probably create a stop motion video about it. Let's checkout some examples.

Use objects, like Legos, clay, or paperclips:

Get a large group together:

After you've taken all your pictures and found just the right music, it's time to actually create the stop motion video. We will use Windows Movie Maker to put everything together. In class we will take a look at a few key features and tools.

*It will take time to create and edit the video, plan ahead.*
* Make sure all pictures and music get put into the same file.*

Helpful Hint

Holding the Ctrl (control) key and clicking will let you select/un-select individual files. If you want to select many pictures at one time, click on the first image, hold the shift key, then click on the last image you want. This will select the first picture, last picture, and everything in between.

Add Pictures

Start off by adding in your pictures

Display Length

Under the edit tab, you can set the Duration or length of time for each image. You will need to experiment and see what works best. Chances are you will need a time that is less than a second (eg. .5 or .1). Use the hint above to change multiple pictures at once.

Adding Music

Add music by clicking on the Add music button on the Home tab. Make sure your cursor is in the location you want the music to go (most likely the beginning).

If you click on the Music Tools/Options tab, there are options for start and end time, length, and effects.

Title and Credits

On the Home tab, click on the Title and Credits buttons to add them to your presentation. Again make sure your cursor is in the right location before adding.

Save Project vs Save Movie

If you are still working on your project make sure to click on Save Project under the blue button in the upper left corner. When you are all done, click on Save Movie, then scroll down and choose YouTube as the format. It will take awhile to save.


When uploading to Schoology, leave the box checked to Encode Video

The Assignment

Create your stop motion video using this rubric.

Good Examples:

Hall of Fame:

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