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Learning Goal
- Students will be able to creatively edit and manipulate their photos using Gimp

Image editing is part of the creative process (as we've talked about before). At times, it allows us to create something that would be otherwise impossible. 

In class we will take a mini field trip and demonstrate how to create a 'multiple personalities' photo. 

Things to remember:
- Your camera can't move and the background can't change
- You will need to use a tripod to stabilize the shot
  .. A bean bag or setting your camera on a surface are other options
- Use your camera's timer to get in the shot

In class we will look at how to combine your images together using Gimp. You can also check out this video that shows how to combine your images using Gimp. This video show how to combine images with Photoshop Elements using layer masks.

Split Pic is one student recommended app. If you use this app, you should use Gimp or Photoshop to edit at least one of your multiple personality shots. 

The Assignment

Create your own multiple personalities shots using this rubric.