Marketing Basics

Learning Goal:

  • Students will ... 

We'll use the presentation below to learn about important marketing concepts that we will apply throughout the semester. 

Class Activities (Active Participation)

The Assignment - SEM Olympic Project

We'll check out this video about one famous logo design. 

You may be new to the world of marketing, but you've already gotten your first big break. Use this rubric to determine the future of the Olympics. Send me your finished product on Schoology. 

The Assignment - McDonalds Segmentation 10 pts

Practice your segmentation knowledge with this McDonalds Segmentation Assignment

The Assignment - Target Market People 30 pts

Fine-tune your aim and 'target' the right people with this Target Market People project. 

The Assignment - Sporting Goods Manufacturer Logo 15 pts

Design a new logo for a major sporting goods manufacturer. Explain what the logo represents and why it will be successful. This logo cannot resemble current logos.

The Assignment - Gross Impressions - 10 pts

Watch a college or professional sporting event on television. Select a sports brand/brand represented and keep track of how many gross impressions were made during the telecast.

The Assignment - Taste Test Market Research - 30 pts

Use these instructions to conduct some delicious market research. Products were purchased from Walmart

If you missed this activity you should do some research and find taste test results for a product of your choice. Give me a paragraph with the links you used. You will also create a visual from the information you found. 

The Assignment - Primary Market Research - 32 pts (10 pts peergrade)

Complete this Market Research Tool to provide primary research for this project. Once everyone has finished the market research tool, you will randomly be given a classmates information to use. Use the data from your classmate to complete this Primary Research project. 

The Assignment - Secondary Market Research - 40 pts

You've been conducting secondary research since elementary school. We'll use this rubric to practice conducting secondary market research on unconventional sports/activities. 

The Assignment - Wallet Build & Wallet Marketing Strategy

You are now the proud owner of your own Tyvek Wallet Company. Since it's your first day on the job, we'll teach you how to make the wallets in class. Once the construction is done, it's up to you to market and grow your company. 

Use this rubric to complete this project and launch your business onto success.