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Learning Goals
- Students will be able to use a DSLR camera
- Students will understand basic DSLR features and options
How digital cameras work
The first step in becoming an advanced photographer is to know your camera. Photographers, musicians, carpenters, and many other professionals all have expert knowledge of their equipment. The cameras we have to use in class are Nikon D3100's. Many advanced cameras share similar features (Canon vs Nikon) and options. Use the resources below to learn the camera inside and out.

In class we will talk about expectations for the cameras, recommended equipment, basic use (lenses), charging, holding, and care.

DSLR Camera Construction - This page from Nikon explains how your camera functions
- D3100 Product Page - Helpful info about this model
- Search "learning dslr functions"
- Search "my camera manual"

The Assignment

Use this rubric to share your new camera knowledge

You've had a chance to explore the camera, and now we want to fill in the gaps. In class we will cover information from the links below at a high level. As we move throughout the semester, we'll cover some of these topics in more detail.