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Raw image files are like a digital negatives. They contain all the raw data that your camera recorded when you took the shot. It is debated whether or not you should shoot in Raw. We'll take a look at the pro's and con's of using Raw files and cover how you can edit these files. In class we'll look at how to change our camera settings to Raw.


Here are two articles about the differences between Raw and jpeg. This photographer argues why you should shoot in Raw.


When editing Raw images, you don't have to worry about copying or protecting the original file. The editing process is non-destructive and creates a separate file with changes/edits. When editing photos, many photographers have a workflow or process they use. Here are two suggested workflows. Notice how both workflows suggest adjusting white balance and exposure early on in the process and waiting until the end to do sharpening. These are suggestions, you may find other methods work best for you.

Raw Therapee

- Two Raw Therapee Video Tutorials


The Gimp page has information on using the unsharp mask we talked about in class.

The Assignment

Decide if you will be a Raw photographer with this rubric.