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shutter speed
Your shutter speed controls how long light is allowed to fall on your image sensor (film) or how long the shutter is open. Use shutter speed to control or imply motion in your images. 

                                    A fast shutter speed will freeze action.

A slow shutter speed will create or cause blur.

We'll look at these shutter speed articles in class


- Action & low light (no tripod)
- Camera settings (video)
- Adjusting the exposure triangle
- Rapid fire shots


- Handheld shooting 1/60 sec or faster
- Shutter speed with denominator larger than focal length
- Freeze action at 1/500 sec or faster
- Imply motion at 1/30 sec or slower
.. 1/2 sec cotton water effect
.. 8 sec for light streaks

Partner Practice
Shutter Speed Trick - Focus lock and twist camera while taking the picture

The Assignment

Practice controlling motion in your images using this rubric.