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The picture I choose for inspiration was taken by Howard Stanbury and found on I like how he fills the frame with the image of the camera. It is an older model camera and that is accentuated by turning the image to B&W. The image has a classic feel. The reflection on the lens gives the image a unique quality.

In my first image I tried to copy Howard's by filling the frame with the camera and converting the image to B&W. I was able to get some reflection off the lens. In my next photo, I cropped in even more on the camera. I like how the contrast in the lettering really stands out.


As a photographer, I want you to be continually challenging yourself and trying to grow your skills. This requires practice, as with any skill. Each week you will find an image that inspires you and use it to create your own image/s. Give credit to the author and reflect on their image. Take a photo that copies or is based on the image you choose. Reflect on your own image/s. Add these Weekly Inspiration photos to your Web site, making sure to include their image (with credit to the photographer & citation), your image/s, and reflections. Remember to edit and watermark your photos as well. Send me the link to your Weekly Inspiration. Use my example above as a reference.