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Learning Goals:
- Students will understand what a database is and how it can be used.
- Students will be able to use database for their research.

A database is an organized collection of information from magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias, and other reference material.

Databases vs Web sites - Talks about how databases are different from Web sites. We'll watch this video in class that explains the differences.

- Organized
- Trustworthy
- Published by experts
- Citation information

In this class we will use a database called the Electronic Library for Minnesota (ELM). 

ELM Portal - Link to the databases available through the ELM

In class we will look at the databases available and the information they provide.

The Assignment

Create a new Google Document and title it Database Research Practice. Copy and paste the directions and questions from the link below. Read and follow the directions. Make sure to bold or highlight your answers.

Make sure you are not plagiarizing. Combine your research with your own ideas and thoughts. 

You may need to search for "deadliest animals"