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Learning Goal
- Students will understand what makes a quality source for research.


Everything we read on the Internet is true right? Not so much. When researching, it is important that we separate out the good sources from the bad ones.

Evaluating Web Sites - Gives questions for us to use when deciding whether a site has good info or not

We'll look at these examples in class:
5 W's

Who - Who wrote/published info on the site?
.. eg. professor or student

What - What info does the site give you?

.. What’s the point of the site? Entertainment? Persuade?
.. Does that site give references?
.. How is it organized presented?
.. Look at About Us page.

When - When was the site created/updated?

Where - Where does the site live?
.. eg. .edu or .com?

Why - Why should I use this site? 

After evaluating, is it a good site to use? What does is mean if I can't answer these questions?


What about Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers, or other similar sites?

They should be used as a GUIDE
This video talks about how Wikipedia should be used.

The Assignment:

Create a new Google Document and title it Evaluating Web Sites. Copy and paste the directions and questions from the link below. Read and follow the directions. Make sure to bold or highlight your answers.