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Master Scene/Shot

Learning Goal
- Students will be able to use the master scene method to create a quality video
- Students will understand how the master shot can be used for editing

With the master scene method, you start by taking a master shot. This master shot will capture all the action in that scene. Once you have a master shot, you will go back and reshoot wide, medium, and close shots as needed. The master shot, combined with the other shots, will help create continuity or flow throughout your video. 

We'll watch the video to get an overview of the master scene method.

When capturing your wide, medium, and close shots, don't shoot from the same spot. Pick up the camera and move to a new spot, don't zoom

When you are editing, the master shot will be used as the backbone of your video. This article talks about the difference between a master shot and an establishing shot.

The Assignment

Use this rubric to experiment with the master scene method.