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News Story/Interviews

Learning Goal
- Students will be able to create an engaging news story video 
- Students will be able to conduct and capture professional interviews
- Students will understand the elements of a news story

Whether it is through social media, television, radio, or the internet, news helps us stay connected to our community and the world. 

What makes a good news story? What makes a video interesting to you? Discuss these questions with the person sitting next to you, then we'll talk about it together. 

We'll watch this video story together as a group and use the two links below to discover the criteria of a good quality story. 

What Makes a Good Video Report? We'll talk about this one together and use it to evaluate the video above

How to Tell a Good Story Read through this document and we'll discuss the parts you found most valuable

News Story Collaboration Find two to three news story videos that we can evaluate

We also want to learn about how to capture a quality news story and interview. Do some research on strategies or tips for interviews. Share what you found using the collaboration link below. Be ready to explain what you added. 

News/Interviews Resources Collaboration I will add some resources that we will look at together

Go to YouTube and type in 'high school news' to get examples and ideas.

The Assignment

Now that you are more knowledgeable about quality new stories and capturing great interviews, use this guide and rubric to tell your own story.