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Video Exposure Triangle

In class, we will use the resources below to talk about exposing our video shots correctly. We will talk about the exposure triangle and how it impacts getting the right exposure.

This page has lots of information about applying the exposure triangle to photography, but it may not be exactly the same with video. 

We will watch and discuss the videos on this page in class. We will also experiment with aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings on our cameras. 

We'll look at this site that talks about whether or not to rely on the camera's histogram for exposure. We will also look at the video and information on this page about DSLR settings and techniques.

The Assignment

Since our shutter speed will be determined by our frame rate, that will stay pretty constant. That means we will be adjusting aperture to creatively change our shots and using ISO to balance the exposure. Use this rubric to practice working with aperture in your video.