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We use JavaScript to make our sites interactive and respond the the user. The image will bring you to a page that explains how JavsScript is used. 

The Assignment

There will be times in your life when you will need to learn something new. Lifelong learning is an important skill/value of successful people.

You will work with another classmate to find and complete a JavaScript tutorial that is new to you and based on your ability. I need to approve the tutorial. 

Google Coder - JavaScript Tutorials

Use CodePen to complete the work. Send me the tutorial you followed and the finished result (a link from CodePen).

Homework Excuse Generator

Hopefully you are more familiar with JavaScript after completing your tutorials.  This next tutorial/lesson will combine JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

The Assignment

Use the link below create an account and complete the Homework Excuse Generator tutorial. You need to customize the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Create a Google Doc the list the changes you made. Make sure to publish and send me your customized tutorial and document with changes.