Chrometastic Race Challenge 3

chrometastic challenge
Go to the Chrome Web Store and do a search for "snagit". Add that extension to your Chrome browser.

Check out this link on how to use the Snagit extension.

Easelly is a tool that lets you create infographics. Head to their site using the link below and create an account.

Check out this video on making infographics with Easelly.

Use Easelly to create an infographic about Chrome apps & extensions that will be helpful for your subject matter. Here are some searches that I would suggest:

science chromebook apps extensions - Change based on subject
- Chrome Web Store - Search the store for you subject

Use the Snagit extension to add images of the apps/extensions you find to the infographic. Snagit will put the images you capture into your Google Drive automatically. You'll need to download them from Google Drive and upload them into Easelly.  

Download your infographic as a PDF document (Download --> PDF). Add the infographic to the Schoology Portfolio you created earlier.

Contribute to the Challenge 3 discussion in the Schoology Group.