work experience

Busn Cooperative Work Experience Classroom Policy & Syllabus

Work Experience Individual Training Agreement (100 pts)- This agreement is a required component of the work experience program.

Work Experience Individual Training Plan (75 pts) - Students will use this document to self-assess their work performance and determine goals for the semester. Students will meet with the teacher to discuss the training plan after they have self-assessed. Employers/supervisors will use the same document to evaluate students towards the end of the course.

Worksite Observation Checklist - This will be used the teacher and supervisors to perform observations throughout the semester.

Remind - Use this link to add your mobile number in order to coordinate outside of class. Remember that Remind is a two-way communication tool. If you need to get a hold of me or have a scheduling change, please reach out with Remind or through email. VERIFY REMIND IS WORKING ON THE DEVICE

End of Year Reflection Meeting - Students are required to meet with the teacher towards the end of the semester to discuss growth in work skills. We will look at the before and after results of the training plan. 30 Pts participation weight

Generic Timesheet Template ADD TIMESHEET APP??

Work Schedule Template

Work Experience Framework - Framework for various work-based learning experiences available in this course.



Weighted Categories for this class will be as follows:

Work Experience:

- 30% Assessment (Test category name in Skyward)

- 10% Growth & Reflection (Daily Assignment category name in Skyward)

- 60% Participation