Marketing Basics

Learning Goal:

    • Students will ...






Part 1 - Intro and Key Concepts

We'll use the presentation below to introduce basic marketing concepts.

Marketing Basics - Part 1 - Present with PearDeck


Part 2 Segmentation & Targeting

We'll use the presentation below to learn about segmenting and targeting customers.


The challenge- Target Market People 25 pts

Fine-tune your aim and 'target' the right people with this Target Market People project.

Copy of BHS SEM Target Market People - Digital Version



After segmenting and targeting, we need to think about positioning.

How do you want customers to view your brand when they compare it against other competitors? We'll watch the video to the left which gives a good overview of positioning in marketing. There are different ways to position your product, and we'll look at this link for some examples. We'll also look at this article that talks about positioning and positioning maps.

The Challenge - Positioning Map - 15 pts

Work with one partner or fly solo. Choose an industry (vehicles, clothing, electronics, instruments, sports equipment, candy, etc.). Use the template below to create a positioning map with at least six brand logos (6 pts) from your industry. You might end up using different criteria other than price and quality; reference the link above for other ideas. Place your logos appropriately on your positioning map (5 pts). For each logo, you should have a reference to justify why you positioned it where you did (see the example below). Have at least three references (4 pts) (one reference might cover two or more logo's). You can build these references into your positioning map if it looks good, otherwise, add them to a Google Doc and add your positioning map as an image to that document. Feel free to customize (eg. canvas size, font, colors, etc.) the template, but keep the black background. Meet with me in class to discuss your finished map. Send your finished project to me on Google Classroom.

Positioning Map Template

Reference Example

Part 3 Why Sports & Entertainment?

cable tv

We'll use the presentation (present with PearDeck)below to learn about the value of sports and entertainment marketing.

Marketing Basics - Part 3 Why Sports & Entertainment? CHANGE?

Market Research

We'll use the presentation below to learn about market research.

Market Research (present with PearDeck)

Part 1

Part 2

The Challenge - Taste Test Market Research - 30 pts

We will do a trial example in class together before the activity.

Use these instructions to conduct some delicious market research. Products were purchased from Walmart or Cub Foods.

taste test

If you missed this activity you should do some research and find taste test results for a product of your choice. Give me a paragraph with the links you used. You will also create a visual from the information you found.

Taste Test Product Feedback Form

market research

Market Research (present with PearDeck) - We will finish this presentation and look at data collection and research considerations.

The challenge - Primary Market Research - 30 pts

Complete this Market Research Tool to provide primary research for this project. Once everyone has finished the market research tool, you will randomly be given information from another classmate to use. Use the data from your classmate to complete this Primary Research project. You will send your completed Primary Research project to me on Google Classroom. CHANGE 3 PTS FOR WHY, 2 PTS PER QUESTION

The challenge - Secondary Market Research - 35 pts

You've been conducting secondary research since elementary school. We'll use this rubric to practice conducting secondary market research on unconventional sports/activities. SHORTEN?? SIMPLIFY?? CHANGE

Google Drawing & Logo Design

We will use the videos above to learn about logo design using Google Drawing. We will practice the technique from the first video.


The Challenge - Sporting Goods Manufacturer Logo 10 pts

Design a new logo for a major sporting goods manufacturer. Explain what the logo represents and why it will be successful. This logo cannot resemble current logos. Meet with me in class to discuss your final logo for credit.

Add your logo to this collaborative page.


The Challenge - Product Design & Marketing Strategy

You are now the proud owner of your own _________ company. First you'll need to design your product. Once the product is ready for production, it's up to you to market and grow your company.

Use this rubric to complete this project and launch your business onto success.

Tyvek Wallet alternate project