Chapter 13: Managing Financial Resources

Link to Chapter 13: Managing Financial Resources

Course Outcomes/Goals -

  • Compare and contrast commercial banks, savings and loan associations, credit unions, and mutual savings banks.

The Functions of Money

13.2 Financial Institutions

This may be a one-sided argument, but you have to consider your options when choosing the best financial institution. We'll use your book to answer some of the questions below.

Why do we need financial institutions?

What's the difference between Depository and Nondepository institutions?

You book lists six financial institutions. Find a regional example for each institution. Look at the services they provide. Add a link to each site and some information about their services to this collaborative page.

Why is the FDIC important?

What caused the financial crisis in 2008? Here are two (filter! 1:15 & 1:27) videos that talk about The Big Short and its impact on the financial crisis.

How do banks expand the money supply?

The Assignment - Compare & Contrast Financial Institutions 10 pts

Compare and contrast the four financial institutions from this chapter (skip savings banks). In groups (three or less), create either an infographic or graphic organizer that shows the similarities and differences between the different financial institutions.

Use these guiding questions to self-assess your work (10 pts). Get feedback from another group and make any necessary revisions. Meet with me to discuss your revised work and score. Turn your assignment in on Schoology.

  1. Did you include commercial banks, credit unions, insurance companies, and brokerage firms?
  2. Did you just give definitions, or did you use critical thinking to explore the differences/similarities between the financial institutions?
  3. Is your information detailed/complete?
  4. Is your visual engaging?

13.4 The Role of the Financial Manager

Make sure to read Ch. 13.4, as it will be fair game on your quiz. You will need the link to the book as we GooseChase our way through Ch 13.4. We'll talk about the rules, gameplay, and potential reward in class. "May the odds be ever in your favor!"