The 4-Hour Workweek

Throughout the semester, we will be reading a book called The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich (4HWW). Tim Ferriss, the author, has some interesting views on the process of starting a business and lifestyle design. We will read the book over 14 weeks, which gives cushion at the beginning and end of the semester. We will read through page 307 and may reference some of the supplemental materials at the end of the book. Audio versions can be found.

I have reduced the number of pages you are required to read each week by having you skip certain sections. Feel free to read more if you are interested. Pick up reading or end at a natural spot, for example, if a sentence finishes on the next page. You will have a window of time to complete your discussions. 

4 hour workweek cover

Virtual Discussion

Each week you will demonstrate your understanding of the reading through a virtual class discussion. Your original response should be posted/submitted by the due date for full credit. Use the following information to participate in the conversation. 

 We will leverage the TQE Method as our discussion format described (steps, processes, and tips) in the links below.

You will use Flip to record video/audio where you share your thoughts on the reading in three minutes or less. Respond to the questions/prompts below. You need to reply to at least one other person's response. Your responses and replies should demonstrate critical thinking skills and your knowledge of the reading. 

*Note - Make sure you are discussing the correct week/pages. All responses and replies should be appropriate and respectful. 

*Note - 30 seconds is probably too short, 1:30 - 2 minutes is about right for most people.

We will watch an example discussion post together. 

video chat
Flipgrid choose topic

Check out this short tutorial on getting started with Flipgrid. You will use this link to join my group and share your discussion (Log In with Google using your school account). Make sure to select the topic from the dropdown (pictured to the side). Download the app or use your Chromebook to record. 


Discussion #1 | Through Page 23Pg. 6 - 11, 20 - 23 = 10 Pages

Discussion #2 | Through Page 47Pg. 30 - 37, 40 - 44 = 13 Pages

worst case scenario
eye gaze

Discussion #3 | Through Page 64Pg. 48 - 51, 54 - 57, 60, 64 = 10 Pages

time management

Discussion #4 | Through Page 85Pg. 68 - 78, 84 Comfort Challenge  = 11.2 Pages

Discussion #5 | Through Page 108Pg. 87 - 90, 94 - 96, 106 & 107  = 9 Pages

information overload

Discussion #6 | Through Page 130 Pg.  109 - 111, 121 - 130 =   13 Pages


Discussion #7 | Through Page 154Pg. 131, 148 - 154 = 8 Pages

new product

Discussion #8 | Through Page 178Pg. 155 - 167, Find Yoda 172 & 173  = 15 Pages

The Challenge - Find Yoda - 20 Pts

You may team up with one other person to complete this project. Conduct an informational interview with someone that could be a mentor either now or in the future. The mentor might be related to your JACP companies or a business function within your companies (eg. marketing, supply chain, etc.). The mentor could be related to future career goals, athletics, or passion projects/activities (eg. rock climbing). Follow the guidelines below:



You will most likely have to leverage phone or video conferencing tools to complete this project. In a Google Document, include the ten interview questions you asked and the following discussion questions. Turn this in on Google Classroom. 


Discussion #9 | Through Page 199 Pg. 179 - 190 = 12 Pages

Google Adwords - How it Works

(Not as valuable if you can't track customers)

Add SYOB Ch 16 What's Your Deal? The Golden Rule pg. 229

Case Studies 

Discussion #10 | Through Page 223 Pg. 200 - 212 (recommended 213 - 217) = 13 Pages

Comfort Challenge: Are you brave enough to give this a try?

ghost in the machine
remote work

Discussion #11 | Through Page 250Pg. 229 - 233, 243 - 246 (recommended The Cheesecake Factor pg. 246 - 248) = 9 Pages

Discussion #12 | Through Page 276 (25)Pg. 251 - 260, (recommended 265 - 267), 269 - 271 = 13 Pages

lifelong learning

Discussion #13 | Through Page 301 (24)Pg. 288 - 296 = 9 Pages

Discussion #14 | Through Page 307 (6)Pg. 302 - 307 = 6 Pages

Discuss the last two chapters & overall book reflection.


Discussion #15 | Through Page ...

Case Studies & More

Grab your books and turn to page 351, Case Studies, Tips, and Hacks. Team up with a partner and choose one of the short case studies to read. Once you have absorbed the information, use it to write an online dating profile for the person who wrote the case study. Make sure to include elements from the case study in the profile. Be creative and make sure they are school appropriate. Include an image that ties in with the profile. 

Add your profile to this collaborative page and be ready to share. 

The alternative to the four-hour workweek mindset

Check out this article with an opposing view of the 4HWW mindset. 

4HWW Feedback Survey

Please use this link to provide your input on the 4-Hour Workweek (4HWW) book & discussions. 

4HWW Blog/Podcast

We may look at some of the resources on Tim's blog. If you enjoyed the book, there are a number of resources on his site and a podcast called The Tim Ferriss Show. The blog/website are focused on the podcast show, but resources from the book can be found by searching the site. 

The Tim Ferriss Show



Tim Ferriss, the author of the 4HWW, has many additional resources on his blog/website. Everyone should use the included link to find an interesting article/podcast/resource to review on his site. You can use the topic menu on the side of the page to filter content. In this Google Classroom post, tell me:

1. The title of the article/podcast/resource you looked at

2. At least two key takeaways from the information 



The 4 Hour Workweek Notes/Discussion/Etc.