Sell Your Ideas: Patents

Learning Goal

- Students will be able to create a simplified patent application

In the book, The 4-Hour WorkWeek, the author describes selling your ideas or inventions as a way to generate income with limited time input. We will take a high-level look at protecting your million dollar idea.

In class, we will watch part of the video Inventing the Future from (title through Power Point). As we watch the video, sketchnote (visual note taking) the main ideas and takeaways.

Sketchnoting & Drawing Tools

- Aww App: Online Whiteboard

- Sketchpad

- InspirARTion

- Sketchboard

Don't stop sketchnoting yet. We will listen to part of this podcast from Planet Money on the Case Against Patents (until 9 min 41 sec, Steak Umm). Do you agree with the podcast? Talk with a group close by and be ready to share.

Take five minutes to look over one of the three articles below. Pull out two key pieces of information to share with the class. Everyone will quickly share what they discovered. Use these patent guides as a reference.

Here are a few places to search and find examples of existing patents:

The Challenge - Simplified Patent Application

Protect your great ideas using this rubric to complete a simplified patent application.