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Course Description: This course is designed to engage students in the lifelong hobby of photography. Students will learn to capture unique images through the use of photography concepts like composition, lighting, and exposure. Students will learn how to manipulate and edit images using programs like Gimp and Photoshop. Other multimedia software may be used as well. Highly self-motivated individuals looking at photography for career or hobby pursuits are encouraged to sign-up.

Digital Photography Classroom Policy & Syllabus

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Peer Assessment


When saving files in class always remember two things:

1. Give the file a good name

2. Tell the computer where to save the file

Make sure to keep your files organized. I recommend making a folder for each project and saving you files there. Consider using Google Drive to save images taken on your device.


Good note taking is a skill you will use throughout high school and college. Look at the examples on the Course Docs.


The writing frame can be used to create well composed written works. It gives you a structure that can be applied to school papers or standardized tests. Look at the example under the Course Docs.


Behavior & Expectations:

In this course, you will be allowed to take photos around the school during class time. When you are shooting, you MUST follow these guidelines:

  • Communicate with me and get approval if you want to go outside the school. With our safe and secure procedures, I will encourage you to shoot within the school unless there is a specific need. The courtyard is available for outdoor shots. To be the most successful, plan to get shots inside and outside (after) of school.
    • If you shoot outside, you cannot leave school grounds (for example, you can’t go to Holiday or Mickey’s)
    • If allowed, you may shoot outdoors as long as the temperature is above 0 degrees and it is not raining
      • If allowed, South Campus is off limits
      • Going near any construction area will result in severe consequences
    • Check out a photo lanyard (pass) before you leave and put it away when you return
      • Lanyards must be worn while you are out shooting
  • Use respectful behavior: do not disrupt classes or act inappropriately in any way
  • Use must be productive: no “hanging out” in the halls or goofing around
    • You will be required to show me the pictures you shot outside the classroom. If you are not getting enough pictures related to the assignment, you may lose this privilege.
    • If your grade falls below a 'C', you may be put on probation and not allowed to leave until your grade is improved.
    • Be back to class no later than the last five to eight minutes
  • Follow all School Policies: language, dress code, etc.
  • Take care of the cameras and equipment, you will be responsible for damages

**Failure to follow these guidelines will result in temporary or permanent loss of shooting privileges outside of the classroom during class time. This means all photos that need to be taken outside of the classroom will need to be done on your own time.


  • Picture taking/shooting assignments need to be in by the end of the day they are due
  • We will take about two to three periods per shooting assignment on average
  • When we move on to a new project, consider any unfinished work to be homework
  • Plan to take a minimum of 20 pictures per shooting assignment unless otherwise noted
    • You will randomly be graded on the number of pictures you have taken for a shooting assignment
      • Pictures should represent a collection of shots from both on school grounds and out in the world at large
  • Transfer pictures to your computer and place them in a folder for the project
      • I would recommend using Google Drive and connecting your school account
  • Choose your best three (to five) photos to edit and turn in with a self-evaluation/critique (choose one for the critique)
      • I would prefer the images to be sent individually
    • Once you have finished your assignment, meet with me in class to discuss your project and get feedback. You will not receive a grade/credit until you self-assess and we discuss your project.


- 10 Best iPhone Camera Apps You Should Use in 2019

- The Best Camera Apps for Android and iPhone

- 15 best camera apps for Android

- 10 Best Android Camera Apps

- iOS & Android (paid) - Moment

- Android (paid) - Camera Zoom FX

- Android (paid) - Camera FV-5


- Apple's HEIC image format is not always compatible with Windows. Here are two links that show you how to disable the feature or make it more Windows friendly. Here is an article about converting HEIC images you've already taken (online converter, uploading to Gmail).


Shooting Assignment Rubric

Digital Photography Self Assessment Rubric & Critique

Creative/Original Computer Rubric

Life Skills Rubric

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