Legal Environment

Learning Goal:

    • Students will understand the purpose of the law
    • Students will understand the difference between statutory and common law
    • Students will understand basic elements of tort law, including concepts of negligence, strict liability, product liability claims, and types of damages
    • Students will understand be able to explain the purpose and characteristics of intellectual property law
    • Students will understand basic elements of contract law

In class, we'll cover the following sections from our book using the links and materials below.

The Meaning and Purposes of Law

Why do we have laws? Add some reasons to this collaborative page.

We'll look at the official definition of law from your book and the purpose of our laws.

According to your book, the rule of law is, "a legal principle that law should govern a nation ..." We'll check out this short video on the rule of law.

Team up with someone sitting next to you or across from you. Find a country that does not have the rule of law. How does that impact its citizens? Add what you found to the collaborative page above. Be ready to share.

Find a recent civil court case and current legislation (local, state, or federal laws) that is trying to be passed.



Statutory vs. Common Law

With a partner sitting across from you or beside you, use this section of the book to complete this graphic organizer comparing & contrasting statutory and common law. Add the examples of current legislation and a current court case you found. Be ready to share.

Here are two recent cases involving legislation. Here is an example of a recent civil court case. We'll use your book look at the definitions of statutory law and common law.

We'll watch the video and check out this link on precedent and stare decisis. Here is a current example of case setting precedent in the news.

The Assignment - Landmark Case Paragraphs 20 pts

Find a landmark case where the Supreme Court set a nationwide precedent. Here are two links to get you started. Do some research on the case you choose. Write at least one paragraph that describes the case and gives background. Write at least one paragraph on how the precedent that was set in the case impacts your life and a reflection (thoughts, feelings, reactions, etc.) on the case itself. In your paragraphs, include examples of other cases that have used the case you chose as precedent. Make sure to use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Also, make sure to use your own words. Send the paragraphs to me on Schoology.

Tort Law, Liability, and Damages | Intellectual Property | Contracts

We will break the following the following three sections of your book up into chunks.

  • Tort Law, Liability, and Damages
      • Tort Law - 1
      • Product Liability & Pursuing a Claim of Product Liability - 2
      • Grounds of Strict Liability - 3
      • Compensatory and Punitive Damages - 4
    • Intellectual Property - 5
  • Contracts
      • Define contract & four elements of a legally enforceable contract - 6
      • Define breach of contract & legal remedies for breach of contract - 7

Each group will learn and teach their section to the class. Your 'lesson' needs to incorporate two of the four learning styles found on this image. Also, create up to three quiz questions to check for understanding. Use Mural to work together as a group and add your learning materials/workspace to this collaborative page (make sure to include group member's names). Your lesson should be five minutes or less.

The Assignment - Who Is Suing Whom? Case Summary & Mind Map 25 pts

Use this document to explore a civil legal case and its impact on a business.

Legal Environment Chapter Review

Use this review guide to study for your legal environment quiz.