Learning Goal

- Students will be able to use Gimp to make basic photo edits

- Students will understand how to use a histogram

- Students will understand the different photo file types

histogram infographic

In class, we'll talk about different image file types and how they are used (lossy vs lossless). We'll cover the first part of this link together. Team up with someone to create a graphic organizer that compares/contrasts the different raster file formats covered on the link. SKIP SPRING 2020

We'll also look at some links that explain how to read and use histograms. These can be used while taking photos to tell when images are over/under exposed. Remember, there is no perfect histogram.

histogram infographic
copy machine

What happens when you make a copy of a copy? In class, we will look at how to use Photoshop (Gimp was used in the past) to perform basic edits to your photos.

Remember editing is part of the creative process. Many times it comes down to individual preferences.

Basic Photo Edits Guide - We'll use this as a guide and make the same edits in Photoshop, Gimp could be used as well.

Basic Pixlr Edits - Crop, Adjust, Filter, Effect

Using Levels (histograms) to Correct Exposure