kim anderson selective color

Selective color is a highly debated technique among photographers. Some photographers really like it and others think it should be banned. Bertram Bahner, also known as Kim Anderson, popularized this style of photography in the '90s with pictures similar to the one on the side (introduced to me by my wife).

As a photographer and artist, you have creative freedom. Hopefully, you are creating images that you enjoy, regardless of what other people think. We'll look at this article to learn about things to consider when using this technique.

There are resources showing how to apply this technique on the GIMP/Photoshop Elements/Photoshop page. Feel free to use other apps or sites as well.

Choose one of your black and white photos and add a splash of color. Remember, you are using color to draw the viewer's eye to certain elements in your photo, make sure to choose elements that are meaningful and add to the story you are trying to tell. Use Google Drawing to create a before and after collage of your photo with and without color.

Add your before and after collage to this collaborative page. Comment on at least one other person's image.