Lifelong Learning: Cinemagraph

Learning Goal

- Students will be understand the value of lifelong learning


Hopefully, you will continue your photographic journey after you leave this class. What will you learn? Who will teach you? Where will you find information? Ultimately, you will have to answer those questions.

Fortunately, in today's society, we can turn to Professor Google for the answer to many of life's questions. Finding the best resource can sometimes be tricky, but it is a valuable skill. Lifelong learning is critical for success in almost every career field. We will be working to develop that skill through this lesson.

The Challenge - Lifelong Learning: Cinemagraph 15 Pts

A Cinemagraph is a cool photographic technique that combines images and videos. Ultimately you will end with a GIF image with one moving element. Use the resources and examples below to create your own Cinemagraph. This is where my direct instruction will end. I've done a chunk of the leg work and collected resources, now you need to use them to create something awesome. I will provide support where I can, but you should lean heavily on the resources and each other.

Hint: I lied, one more piece of instruction. We've done other projects where we needed to stabilize our cameras, look back at those projects for ideas.


Examples: There are many, many, examples available, here are just a few.

Use the resources and examples above to create one original Cinemagraph. Add your Cinemagraph to this collaborative page. Provide constructive feedback (comment, reflection) to at least one other classmate. Show me your finished Cinemagraph for credit. Be ready to answer the guiding question below.

Guiding question - Were you able to use resources to learn how to create an interesting Cinemagraph?