Chapter 9: Marketing: Providing Value to Customers

Link to Chapter 9: Marketing: Providing Value to Customers

Course Outcomes/Goals -

  • Summarize the functions of marketing
  • Evaluate an organization’s marketing strategy plans

9.1 What Is Marketing?

9.1 What Is Marketing?

What does marketing mean to you? Let's look at how your book defines and explains marketing. We'll check out parts of these two videos for an overview of marketing.

Marketing Strategy


A marketing strategy is your plan to develop:

- Target Market

- Marketing Mix - 4 P's of Marketing

Target Market

Your target market is the specific group of customers that are interested in, have access to, and want to buy your product. The graphic shows how we break down our target market into smaller, specific groups.

The graphic and your book show four main market segments (although there can be others). We will do the following activity to learn about these segments.

- Break into four groups

- Find a product from outside of the classroom to market that will work for your segment

- Use this collaborative page to describe your target market segment using text, links, images, etc.

Here are two links to help with behavioral segmentation.

Marketing Mix

The Marketing Mix or "Four P's" of marketing will be the driving force in your marketing strategy. Let's look at how they break down the "Four P's" in your book. We'll also check out the video that gives some examples.

The Assignment - 9.2 - 9.5 Marketing Mix Project

You will be broken into four different groups. Each group will create a lesson about one part of the marketing mix. You lesson needs to include the following:

  • Visual Aid - Presentation, Thinglink, Posters, Infographic, etc.
  • Verbal Instruction - Each group member should talk about or explain some information
  • Kinesthetic Learning Activity - Involve other students in learning process, use them as samples, use them to demonstrate, role playing, etc.
    • This should be brief
    • A short quiz to check for understanding (five questions or less)

Here is what you should focus on each chapter:

  • 9.2 Product (Hearts) - All
  • 9.3 Price (Clubs) - All
  • 9.4 Place (Spades biggest group) - *Distribution Channels, *Selling Directly to Customers, *Selling through Retailers, *Selling through Wholesalers, Physical Distribution, The Supply Chain, Supply Chain Management
  • 9.5 Promotion (Diamonds) - All

Use this rubric to self assess your project. It will be important for you to carefully read chapters 9.2 through 9.5 since this project is how that information will be covered.

Here is a collaborative page if you need to share out your presentation.


We'll check out this product placement video in class (**filter video).

9.6 Social Media

social media apps

Social media is changing today's society, and the business world is no exception. We'll start exploring this topic using our book and a reading activity. Choose a partner for this activity and go to the social media section in Ch 9.6. Complete this SQ3R reading sheet together as you read that section. We will discuss your sheets as a group.

We will check out the two videos below on social media marketing.

Use this link or another resource to add three or more strategies for social media marketing to this collaborative page. We'll discuss these as a group.

Analyzing a Company's Marketing Strategy

The Assignment

Use this document to analyze Spotify's marketing strategy.

marketing sign

Marketing Strategy Project

Form your marketing team of no more than four people. Use the knowledge you've gained from this chapter to create your own marketing strategy. This project will be graded as and replace the test for this chapter. Use this rubric to find specific requirements and grading.

Use this patent search site (or Google Patent Search) to find a product to market.