Basecamp is a team and project-based communication and collaboration tool. It is available to students and teachers free of charge. Each company will be grouped as a team to help coordinate and accomplish projects. We will watch the video above to get an overview of the different features available.


Basecamp Features - We will look at this page together and talk about how you might use different features for your company


One benefit of Basecamp is that it will work on a mobile web browser (and just about everywhere). There are dedicated apps found on this link. I would install the app if you are able to.

Finding Help:

Signing Up:

Use the appropriate link below to create an account and start collaborating with your team. I would suggest using the Join with my Google account option. I will update the names once you have finalized your company name.

    • Entrepreneurship Fall 2020 - Amazon

    • Entrepreneurship Fall 2020 - Disney

    • Entrepreneurship Fall 2020 - Tesla

    • Entrepreneurship Fall 2020 - Google

    • Entrepreneurship Fall 2020 - Apple

We may have to do the following step as well:

Step 2 (for students): Right after you sign up, email us ( from your school account with the name of your school, what you're studying, and when you expect to graduate. We'll apply the discount after we verify everything.

You may need to also verify by sending a picture of your student ID or sports pass. Only after you have searched your entire universe for your original student ID, use the form below to let me know you need a new one made.

Student ID Request