Learning Goal

- Students will be able to use composition to take photos that use the Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds is another composition technique that can have a big impact on your photos. We'll check out this video explaining how to use it and why you should. If your camera has a guidelines setting, turn it on. If not, imagine a grid with nine boxes that divide up the frame (tic-tac-toe). Try to position the main subject of your photo on the lines or where these lines intersect. Check out the links below for examples and more information.

You might need to use focus lock, to focus on your subject, then recompose for the rule of thirds.


The Challenge - Rule of Thirds 15 Pts

    • Take at least 20 new/original rule of thirds pictures (shot both on school grounds and away from school)
    • Transfer the pictures to your computer or Google Drive
    • Choose your best three photos to edit and turn in
    • Use and turn in the Shooting Assignment Rubric to self evaluate your photos
    • When you are finished, meet with me to discuss your project and get feedback
    • Add one of your best shots to this collaborative page. Comment on one other person's picture.