Learning Goal:

    • Students will understand what skills are important for managers

    • Students will understand the functional areas of management

In class, we'll cover the following sections from our book using the links and materials below.

We will use the presentation below to learn about the main areas of management.

Management Presentation - Present with PearDeck



GooseChase Game/Competition

We are going to complete a device based game/competition activity in class using goosechase. To win, you may have to look up some info, you may have to act, you may create, and more.


    • You can leave class, but you must remain in the "B" building

      • If you abuse this privilege you will find yourself in trouble (eg. sleeping student)

    • Make sure you're not disrupting other classes

    • Be mindful of your noise level

    • Be respectful during the competition (responses and other teams)

    • Be creative in completing missions

    • Bogus submissions will be deleted

    • Be productive (limited time)

    • When the timer runs out, come back to class

Break into five (or less) even teams. Download the goosechase app and create an account. Each team can have up to five devices. I will give you a game code to join. One team member needs to create a team and then others will join using their code. Work as a team to complete missions to earn points and achieve world domination.

sherlock holmes

The Challenge - Management Project 27 pts

Choose one other person to team up with or fly solo. Choose a company you haven't explored before. Use one of the tools below to create a visual and informational breakdown of the following information.



    • 2 pts - Describe how a manager would apply or use technical, conceptual, or human skills (choose one or more) in the company you chose. Give one specific example.

    • 2 pts - Find a vision statement or mission statement for the company. Add it to your project (summarize if it's too long).

    • 8 pts - Use Google Drawing or another visual tool to create a SWOT analysis for the company. Include at least two items for each category. Add the SWOT as an image to your project. Make sure the items are specific to the company.

    • 4 pts - Profile one of the company's leaders. Give some background and information about this person. How would you describe their leadership style using terms from your book? Defend your answer.

    • 4 pts - Write a SMART goal for your company (focus on SMT). Try to make it strategic. Base your goal on the information you've found.

Make sure your project is both informational and VISUAL (4 pts) (quality and copyright-free graphics, images, videos, ect.). Is your project creative? Is the project high quality (3 pts)? Is the project complete (did you include all required parts)? Make sure to check your project in another browser to make sure everything is working. All the information should be original and free of plagiarism.

Send your finished project to me on Google Classroom.