Learning Goal

- Students will be able to use a diptych to tell a story


As a photographer, you should be thinking about the story your photos tell. What is the subject, message, meaning, or theme?

A diptych is a photography technique that allows us to tell two parts of a story. Time and distance are two of the methods we can use to tell our story.

Storytelling - Article explaining diptych techniques

Combine Two Images - Explains combining two images and diptych examples

Two Are Better Than One - Information about diptych's and examples

Images can be edited and combined using Photoshop or your favorite online application. Google Drawing might be a good tool to combine the images as a two-part collage.

The Challenge - Diptychs 10 Pts

Create three separate diptych's (each diptych will have two images). Meet with me to discuss your finished work for credit. Be ready to answer the following questions:

    1. What was the story, message, meaning, or theme you were trying to convey in your diptychs?
    2. What do you feel is the overall quality of your diptychs?

After we have met, add your best diptych to this collaborative page. Provide constructive feedback on one other diptych.