During the semester we may take some 'photo walks' as a way to encourage creativity and inspiration. We will travel as a group a short distance from the school. There will be a theme each time we go out and everyone will try to collect shots that fall within that theme. You will only be able to get a limited amount of shots, so you want to make them count (10 to 20 depending on class time). You must meet the shot requirement. Another part of the challenge is that you can't review (look at) or delete the photos you take. This is meant to replicate using an older film camera. Hopefully, you are applying the skills/techniques we've learned throughout the semester.

Make sure to dress appropriately for the weather on the days we are venturing out. Also, all school policies and student expectations must be followed.

You will create a collage (eg. Google Drawing) that showcases the images you collected from the photo walk. You will be graded on the number of photos you took, photo quality, and the creativity/story. I need to check your collage in class to get credit.

Fall 2019

Photo Walk #1 - Unwanted 10 Pts

photo walk