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money march madness

In class, we will watch this video on profits from the college sports business. As we watch the video, sketchnote (visual note taking) the main ideas and takeaways. Here is a follow-up article on this video.

Sketchnoting & Drawing Tools

- Aww App: Online Whiteboard

- Sketchpad

- InspirARTion

- Sketchboard

Add your sketchnote to this collaborative page.

college sports map

We will use this presentation to talk about distribution through the lens of college and amateur sports. CHANGE UPDATE??

Music or Movie Distribution Evolution - Create a timeline or graphic that shows the evolution of music/movie distribution over the years. It should be visual and informative. This is more than just finding something already created online. We'll look at some examples. Add your graphic to this collaborative page.

The Challenge - College Football 60 Minutes

SKIP 2018 - 2019 Use this link to watch the video and write a summary and reflection.

Eggcellent Distribution Channel


In class, we will use this activity to demonstrate the distribution process. You will be graded on active participation and your performance (extra credit or reward for top two teams).

What will be the lowest score (dollars)? Each round, add your guess (name & score) to this collaborative page. Whoever guesses the closest each round gets one point. The person with the most points after all rounds are done will share in the reward.

Eggcellent Distribution Channel Reflection

Hopefully, this was a fun activity and also meaningful. Write at least a paragraph reflecting on what you learned from this activity. What had the biggest impact on a team's success? Add your thoughts to this collaborative page. Be ready to share.

Analyze a Company's Distribution

The Challenge - Analyze Distribution

Use this document to analyze a company's distribution.