Word Processing Software

Learning Goal:

    • Students will be able to use Microsoft Word to create a variety of business documents

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Microsoft Word has been the industry standard in word processing for decades. Many organizations will expect that you know how to use Word as an entry level skill.

We will be using the following site as a resource for learning basic features in Word.

In class, we will cover basic Word skills and options using this document.


You may work with one other person. Use the GFCLearnFree site linked above to learn about basic Word tools and options. Choose at least five lessons to explore and expand your knowledge (ones we didn't cover together). Create a Word document and demonstrate the skills from each lesson. Make sure to label what you are demonstrating and which lesson you are covering. Try to use one document when possible. When you are finished add your document to this collaborative page.


Business Email

Use this document to learn how to send a professional email.

Screenwriting & Scripts

Google Docs is a great collaboration and writing tool. In class, we'll look at some of the communication tools built into Docs.

You will use Google Docs to write a script or screenplay. Your screenplay should be about two pages and should tell an engaging story. You can base your script on something that already exists, but make sure yours is original. Use a similar format to the examples linked below. Remember that you need to describe what an audience would see in your writing.

You will need to work in groups of up to three people. Try to communicate using Google Docs. Below are some resources for screenwriting and scripts.

How Do You Write A Screenplay?


Screenplay example scene

Add your finalized script to this collaborative page. Make sure to include your group member's names. Read and comment on at least one other group's script. Use a system of two compliments and one suggestion for your comments.

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Google Docs Advanced Features

If you dig beyond the surface level, Google Docs has some advanced features that we will look at and practice. Use this document to explore Google Docs hidden levels.